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Reduce Boardroom Noise with Serenity Acoustic Ceiling Panels

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Noise problem in boardrooms can be a great nuisance. Howsoever elegant the room is, poor acoustics would hamper in seamless conductance of meetings. Reverberation of sound produced from board members and other invited guests as well as that from HVAC system can create a lot of stress and confusion. It is very important to consult experienced acoustic panels supplier who would help you give suitable acoustic treatment to your noisy boardroom.

Sontext is a household name among people in Australia as one of the most reliable and committed sound absorbing panels supplier. We at Sontext manufacture and supply high quality and decorative noise control panels to facilitate our clients resolve most interior noise problems. Managers would do well to consult our experienced staff to get customised solution for improving their Boardroom Acoustics.

Our expert will help you select suitable fabric or timber acoustic panels, acoustic art panels or acoustic clouds and baffles for your office, auditorium, restaurant, gym, condominium, and classroom or conference room. You can discuss with our expert regarding selection of suitable panels according to the Acoustic Design of a Boardroom that will make the environment peaceful and conducive to discussions and making presentations. Our scientifically tested and certified acoustic panels would provide sound and reverberation control in any interior and enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the room.

Based on the size and specific design of your boardroom our experts will help you purchase and install standard or made to order shape sound baffles, ceiling panels or wall panels for getting the best noise control solution.

Give your boardroom the touch of elegance and make it suitable for meetings and presentations by installing our acoustic panels today.