Acoustic Ceiling And Wood Panels For Courtrooms

Reduce Reverberation in Courtrooms with Stylish Acoustic Wood Panels

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Install Sonofonic Acoustic Panels for the best noise control in courtroom

Serenity Acoustic Ceiling Panel - Courtroom

Serenity Acoustic Ceiling Panel – Courtroom

A courtroom is an important place where a judge hears civil or criminal case, evaluates all evidences presented and finally delivers justice to the person, upholding the law. The hearing and trial of cases can make the courtroom quite noisy. Besides this, if the room has poor acoustics or sound quality then that would mean creation of total chaos and disturbance. Advocates and lawyers would not be able to communicate effectively and the echo problem would add to the confusion. Hence, courtrooms with noise problem require the best acoustic treatment to improve sound quality and make them suitable and comfortable for the business.

Sontext is a reputed name among acoustic panels’ manufacturers and suppliers in Australia. We are committed to provide suitable noise control solution to individuals and business groups. Our experts facilitate clients to select and install standard or custom designed Ceiling Panels in Courtrooms that would reduce reverberation and improve sound quality in courtrooms that may be packed.

All our acoustic panels are tested by experts and are designed in stylish architectural finishes to give you high performance for a long lasting period. People can select from among a wide range of fabric acoustic panels, timber acoustic panels, acoustic art panels and acoustic clouds and baffles to reduce reverberation and control noise problem in their properties.

Installing certified Acoustic Ceiling for Court Rooms will greatly improve the interiors of courtrooms with poor sound quality and high rooflines. When you install decorative sound absorbing panels then these panels will also enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the courtrooms.

Whether you are in New South Wales or in any other part of Australia or in countries like UK and Ireland, Qatar, Oman or in UAE, you can feel free to discuss with our experts to get the personalised suggestions related to noise control solution. Our experts will provide you the best solution and will guide you to select the right Wood Panels for Courtrooms or fabric acoustic panels for any and all your commercial properties.