FabriTRAK® and Sontext -New Partnership

Why FabriTRAK®?

In today's busy world, controlling noise and improving sound are becoming more critical. That is why designers and architects need to consider acoustics as a critical element in the design and construction of interior spaces. FabriTRAK®'s wide range of products and systems allows architects and designers to achieve a perfect balance between aesthetics and acoustic control. FabriTRAK®, GeoTRAK® and FabriSPAN®offer over 50 wall and ceiling trak profiles, that combined with a proprietary range of fabrics, will enhance any space and improve acoustics.


Fabritrak Wall systems offer a wide  range of solution to reduce noise, improve sound or an upholstered wall finish. This is achieved by utilizing any one of the wide number of profiles and substrates. Your choice will depend on the desired outcome, that is level of sound treatment or decorative finish. Fabritrak comes in a number of profiles and thicknesses, all offering a unique look and outcome.

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FabriSPAN® is a system that includes a selection of fabrics designed to work with wall and ceiling trak profiles and infill to create the best sound solution for any interior space. Most commonly used for Ceilings to create a seamless look for the acoustic ceiling. This is achieved by the unique wide spanning fabrics up to 4.8 m wide.


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Technical support

Sontext and Fabritrak offer a high level of support, from technical design support to advice on the best system solution to solve your needs.

This may involve :

  • Spec Builder
  • Test reports
  • Trak and system Autocad details
  • Trade literature
  • Advice on suitable fabrics

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Court Rooms

Fabric and Timber panels used to reduce noise in court

Courtrooms are now an area where sound quality is most important. This is because most courts are set up to broadcast or record the proceedings via video conferencing. Where a treatment is applied to an existing courtroom Fabritrak is perfect as it is a customised site installed system.


Acoustic Panels in Kuwait

Education facilities whether they be classrooms or lecture theatres are all concerned about clear communication. Too much reverberation cause poor sound quality hence making it difficult for students to hear clearly. Fabritrak systems can be used on the walls or ceiling to improve the sound quality and remove unwanted sound.


Serenity Printed Panel

Treatment of recording or broadcast studios can be difficult because of the amount of services and variety of treatments involved. Fabritrak acoustic wall and ceiling systems are perfect for studios because of the flexible nature of design and installation.   Sontext have supplied and do supply many thicknesses of wall or ceiling system using Fabritrak as well as a number of Diffusing and Sound absorbing Panels to achieve the desired result.







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