Noisy Meeting Rooms

Acoustic Panels reduce noise Sontext

Sontext Acoustic  Panels

Noise and reverberation in a meeting room can be extremely  challenging, not only for attendees, but also for operating phone links and teleconferences. Reflected sound, called reverberation or echo, can make it hard for other parties to hear and understand.

Reflected sound – unwanted noise – is a result of hard surfaces on the walls and ceilings, enhanced by hard flooring.  Sound bouncing off these hard surfaces creates noise that is not only  annoying, but is also stressful in that environment.

The answer is to install absorbing fabric acoustic panels. This can be an economical way to turn a noisy meeting or conference room into a place that it is a pleasure to work in. The decor of the room can be enhanced by using any of our standard coloured fabrics .

If you have a noisy Reception or Meeting room contact Sontext for a quote and advise on the process to make your meeting room quieter.


Noise in Meeting rooms
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Noise in Meeting rooms
Noise is a major problems in Meeting rooms with it being difficult for people to hear each other