Stretch Walls and Ceilings


Stretch Walls and Ceilings

Fabritrak Stretchwall systemSontext have become the distributor for Fabritrak Stretch walls and Ceilings in Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East.

One of the most challenging problems  in designing the acoustic solution  to a noisy area, is that it is an existing building.

The issues that arise are

  • many existing fittings
  • measurements not suitable for standard panels
  • curved walls
  • short lead time to install panels

One of the benefits of Fabritrak is that is is built on site and caters for almost any situation as mentioned above. Available in many thicknesses and many profiles Fabritrak makes installing a custom made acoustic treatment so much simpler.


Total Stretch Wall and ceiling system

Fabritrak is so much more than just a stretch wall and ceiling system. it includes