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STextura Wood Wool -Sontextontext  release Textura Wood Wool Panel.

Sontext have just added a new product to their range of Acoustic Panels.

Textura™ Wood Wool Panels are semi-structural, non-combustible wall and ceiling linings designed to impart a pleasing natural fibrous surface appearance to interior spaces. Textura panels consist of natural wood fibres, coated and bound together with a mineral cement binder. The open structure also allows sound waves to pass through the fibres and be dissipated. Sound absorption can be enhanced by installing fibrous insulation behind the panels.

Textura Wood Wool panels are available in natural co;ours or can be painted to suit the decor of the room. The wood wool panels can be installed on walls or ceilings, they are suitable for all spaces from Sports stadiums, Boardrooms to Airports.

High Acoustic Performance of Textura Wood wool panels

Sound reduction is important when there is a lot of noise and bey adding Textura Wood Wool panels to a room with a sound absorbing insulation an NRC of 0.95 can be achieved.

Textura wood Wool panels have high Impact resistance.Colored Wood wool panel

To reduce noise in a sports stadium an acoustic panel needs to be robust and be able of taking a lot of abuse and impact. Textura Wood wool Panels are very strong due to the nature of its construction.

Size and thicknes

Textura Wood wool panels are available in thickness of  15,20,25,, thickness and with standard panel sizes of 2400×1200,  1200×1200, 1200x600mm.

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