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  • Sontext Real Wood Veneer

    Real Wood Veneer Acoustic Panels Sontext Acoustics have released a new website, . In conjunction, Sontext Acoustics have released their new range of Real Wood Veneers. Swatches are available from Sontext via Sontext Real Wood Veneers are available as a decorative finish on both Sontext acoustic and solid wood panel ranges. Visit the Sontext website at the […]

  • Noise in Church Hall – Serenity Fabric Wall Panels

    Serenity Fabric Acoustic  Wall Panels Improve Church Hall Acoustics Diamond Valley Baptist Church in Melbourne Australia recently concluded that they were unable to use their Church Hall for a planned conference because of poor sound quality and excessive reverberation. In fact reflected noise and echo meant that  the hall was only available for limited use. Serenity Fabric Acoustic […]

  • Improve Sound in Multi-Purpose Venue – Serenity Acoustic Panels

    Serenity Acoustic Panels improve Sound for Concerts Hisense Arena in Melbourne Australia is a large multi-purpose venue with a retractable roof, used for a variety of events, including sports and entertainment. The venue experienced sound quality problem when it was being used for certain concerts. Melbourne and Olympic Parks Trust commissioned Acoustic Consultants Watson Moss Growcott   to develop a solution […]

  • Acoustic Wood Slats by Murano

    Peter Elliot Architects worked with Acoustic Consulting Australia to design a innovative wall and ceiling treatment that was not only  highly decorative but also reduced reverberant noise in the School  Dining Room at Melbourne Grammar. Sontext were contacted to see what solution could be developed that met the design requirements but also achieved an NRC of 0.95. The school […]

  • Cafe Noise – Fix with Serenity Panels

    Hard surfaces increase Café Noise Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels can reduce Café Noise significantly by soaking up reflected sound, or echo. Recently Sontext installed  Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels at The Oakridge Winery in the Yarra Valley  near  Melbourne. The dining area was very noisy with hard surfaces and lots of glass, making speech difficult. Working with the Architect 2LINQ, Sontext were able […]

  • Sontext Panels – Thickness Counts!

    Most architects and interior designers these days are aware of the importance of acoustics in the design of an interior commercial space. Clients, and building occupants too, have become much more demanding in this regard, and now have high expectations of sound quality and noise minimization in interior spaces. Acoustics-related terms like unwanted noise, reverberation […]

  • Acoustic Treatment for Noisy Video Conferencing Rooms

    Acoustic Treatment improves Speech Clarity Sontext were recently contacted by a company that was having acoustic problems in their video conferencing room. Excessive reverberation (echo) in the room meant it was difficult for the clients or colleagues to hear speech clearly. Speech clarity is a common problem in such spaces, especially those that have been converted to video […]

  • Panels – Do I Need them in a Sound Studio?

    Sound Studio Acoustics need special attention to optimise sound quality Yes – When designing a recording or sound studio it is very important to consider potential sound reflection or absorption from the wall or ceiling surfaces. By using a combination of sound absorption and sound diffusion, the sound quality being recorded or produced can be enhanced quite considerably. […]