Office Acoustics

Background noise in the workplace can be one of the biggest distractions we face in our working day. For this reason, it is ideal to consider acoustics as part of the office design process, and if necessary, consider ways to minimise noise before it becomes a problem for occupants. However, there are legions of existing offices that were never designed for the purpose and in any case, not all office areas are used for the same purpose.

Reducing Office Noise

Single offices are usually designed with privacy in mind. These private spaces may require quite different acoustic treatment to the outer office area. For privacy, the single office will require four walls and ceiling to act as a sound barrier to externally generated noise.

Internal noise generated by aircon, office equipment, and speech can be minimised by retrofitting Sontext Serenity Acoustic Panels to wall or ceilings to act as a sound absorber. Serenity Panels are fabric faced, available in a huge range of colours, and can be overprinted with logos or other images to add interest to an office space.

SerenityLite Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels

Solution to Reduce Noise In Offices

SerenityLite Panels

SerenityLite Panels are a common solution to unwanted background noise in commercial offices. They are lightweight, dimensions are customisable, and panels are available in a huge range of fabric finishes.

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Serenity Panels

Serenity Panels offer a more robust solution for high traffic areas, with of the inclusion of an impact resistant membrane under the fabric facing. Sontext can manufacture in thicknesses from 25mm – 100mm, and in special sizes to fit around windows, aircon, lighting, etc.

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Serenity Arts Panel

Serenity Art Panels provide all the performance features of Serenity, with the opportunity to display corporate images or printed artwork on the fabric face.  

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Murano Acoustic Panels

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels provide quality architectural finishes for wall or ceilings. They are available in various perforation patterns and designs which all contribute to optimising sound quality in an office environment.

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Results Of Reducing Noise in Offices

Sontext SerenityLite Acoustic Panels have been used successfully for reducing reflected sound in working environments. The panels are lightweight, can be faced with acoustic fabrics available in a huge range of colours and patterns, and can be easily installed onto walls or ceiling lining materials.