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Sound Absorbing Panels and Noise Control Products

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  • Noise Control Products are used to improve sound quality and reduce reverberation in interior spaces. Sontext provides more than high performance sound control. The Sontext difference lies in our ability to combine sound absorbing products with stylish architectural finishes for its sound absorbing products – including decorative fabrics, timber veneer or laminate finishes. Above all Sontext prides itself in offering clients the right sound acoustic solution.


    When partnering with Sontext you can have the confidence we will provide excellent service, quality products, and also the capacity to develop solutions to a wide range of architectural noise problems.

Sound Control Products for most interior noise problems

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Unwanted sound, background noise or echo can cause unnecessary problems for listeners and performers alike – such as speech or music distortion, lack of understanding and tiredness. Sontext sound acoustic products provide sound and reverberation control in virtually any interior space, including broadcast and recording studios, classrooms, auditoriums, home theatres, retail spaces, foyers and meeting rooms. The products are fully tested and approved, so have predictable sound absorption characteristics.

Sontext offers a huge range of noise control products including:

  Acoustic Panels
  Sound Baffles
  Ceiling Panels
  Bass Traps
  Acoustic Wood Panels
  Wall Panels
  Work Station Panels
  Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Our experienced team can also provide clients advice on fixing and installation for most substrates.

Sontext manufactures its own range of Noise Control Products for interior wall and ceilings, and also represents some of the world’s leading acoustic suppliers.

If you would like to discuss your sound absorbing needs, or need advice on project work, noise control product selection, installation and finishes contact the friendly staff at Sontext.

Sontext has over 25 years’ experience in architectural acoustics and our Products are available through specialists in 20 countries around the world. Sontext is based in Australia and operates in most regions of the world.