Reception Areas

Reception Acoustic Panels

First impressions count of course, and most commercial enterprises go to some effort to ensure visitors are at ease and treated cordially when entering their premises. A quiet, efficient and smartly decorated front office can leave a positive impression on potential customers, traders and other visitors.

It is also an opportunity to visually display messages and images of the business in which an enterprise operates, such as its logos and its aspirations. The foyer décor can even reflect the company style.

Reducing Noise In Receptions

Sontext is well aware of the unconscious negative effects a high background noise levels in any interior space can have on building occupants and has developed a range of acoustic lining products to not only minimise interior noise, but also incorporate the extra ‘first impressions’ mentioned above.

Sontext Serenity Acoustic Panels combine high sound absorption performance with stylish, dynamic colours and patterns. Serenity panels can be overprinted with logos or selected images to become Art Panels. The Sontext Murano range of Perforated Timber Acoustic Panels provide a sophisticated stylish look. These panel ranges provide a wall or ceiling lining easily installed in any new or existing foyer or reception area.

Solution to Reduce Noise In Reception

SerenityLite Panels

A lightweight acoustic absorber panel that can be fixed to any existing interior wall or ceiling lining. The huge range of cleanable, fire rated fabrics available ensures a finish can be matched to new or existing décor.

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Serenity Panels

Serenity Acoustic Panels are a more robust alternative for high traffic areas. Not only can Serenity reduce reverberation and improve sound quality, but it can be easily installed on track, so the panels are removeable.

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Serenity Arts Panel

Serenity Art Panels can add an extra visual dimension to installed sound absorbing panels, with the opportunity to overprint the panel face with an image of your choice, such as a company logo, company statement or even a stunning photo. At the same time, Art Panels will improve the sound quality within a space.

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Murano Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Wood Panels are a popular option to reduce noise in foyer and reception areas. Murano acoustic panels are available in wood veneer, paint or decorative laminate finishes. They provide a combination of benefits, combining a stylish interior ‘look’ with excellent sound absorbing properties.

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Results Of Soundproofing Receptions

  • absorb noise in reception area