Sontext Acoustic Panels perform at Maraya Concert Hall

Sontext Acoustic Panels installed in Maraya Concert Hall Saudi Arabia

Sontext have recently supplied acoustic panels for the magnificent Maraya Concert Hall, Saudi Arabia, in the north-western province of Al-Ula. The building has been described as a “site-specific landmark” of true “land-art architecture” Its extraordinary facade was unveiled at a special ceremony organized by the Royal Commission for Al-Ula during the second season of the Winter at Tantora festival.

Sontext’s  Regional Manager, Mr Khaldoun Gerges, worked with mmg M.E. (Mac Mena Group) and installation company Dynamic Motion from Riyadh on the project. Sontext Acoustic Panels were chosen because of their quality of finish and acoustic performance, together with the quick turnaround and affordable pricing provided by Sontext.

Sontext supplied Murano Acoustic Wood Panels and Sonofonic Acoustic Ceiling Panels to create excellent acoustics for this performing space. For further details please contact Sontext. See contact details below.

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels are an extensive range of perforated and plain wood veneer panels. Available in a wide range of wood veneers, paint fininshes Murano Acoustic Wood Panels off a great finish and acoustic performance.

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels were chosen because the finish, acoustic performance and pricing matched all the requirements of the The Royal Commission for AlUla. The requirements for the Maraya Concert Hall are of a high standard aT s the Concert Hall was designed to reflect and highlight the natural beauty of desert around AlUla.

The key characteristics required for the wall finishes were

  •  Fire Rated
  • excellent Acoustic Performance
  • quick turnaround
  • affordable
  • high quality finish


Sonofonic Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Sonofonic Acoustic Ceilings are a range of painted lightweight acoustic ceiling panels and clouds. Designed for a great finish and excellent acoustic performance.

To create the perfect atmosphere for high quality performances, the acoustic treatment of ceilings is also critical. To this end Sonofonic Acoustic ceilings were used because of the increased low frequency absorption required.  Sonofonic Acoustic panel are available in various thicknesses from 15mm to 200mm thick. The thickness chosen for the Maraya Concert Hall was 25mm thick as it provided the level of acoustic treatment and lightweight for the ceiling structure. the colour chosen was Matt Black to fit in with the design requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent sound absorption.
  • First-rate surface finishes that are textured, cleanable and paint finish. 
  • Humidity, sag and moisture resistant.
  • Designers can choose from a range of edge profiles to tailor the panels to the desired look.
  • Lightweight (approx. 2.5 kg/m2 for 20mm thick panel).


Murano Acoustic Wood Timber Panels
Maraya Concert Hall Mirrored Walls
Perforated Wood Wall Panels
Plain and perforated Wood panels
Sonofonic Acoustic Ceilings
Maraya Concert Hall Mirrored Walls
500 seat Performance hall


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