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Sontext produce and supply many types of Acoustic Panels. Designed to be highly decorative and offer a range of sound absorbing qualities.

Reduce Noise in Classrooms Sontext

Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels

A range of Fabric Covered Acoustic Panels designed to remove unwanted noise and improve the sound quality. Available in a wide range of fabric finishes and thicknesses depending o the level of performance required

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels

Perforated, Slotted, Grooved are all options available in Murano Acoustic Wood Panels. When more is required from an acoustic panel either performance or robustness, Murano is the option. Available in Veneer, Paint or Decorative Laminate.

Sonofonic Acoustic Clouds

Sonofonic Acoustic Clouds or Baffles

Suspended Acoustic panels in the form of Clouds or baffles is a design option in larger spaces. This could be an Auditorium or sporting venue. With options of shape, colour and length Sonofonic  can meet most design requirements.

Reduce Noise in Doctors Surgery Sontext

Serenity Printed Acoustic Art Panels

Printed Acoustic Panels are the latest trend in Room Acoustics. Choosing a favorite image or a set of Corporate images the choice is unlimited. This can create a different look to a board room or classroom. The most aspect important is the high quality printing

Court Rooms

Fabric and Timber panels used to reduce noise in court

Courtrooms are now an area where sound quality is most important. This is because most courts are set up to broadcast or record the proceedings. that is why it is important to have the acoustic design of the court perfect. This is achieved by combinations of Fabric and Wood panels to cover the spectrum of frequencies.


Lecture theater noise Serenity PanelsEducation facilities whether they be classrooms or lecture theatres are all concerned about clear communication. Too much reverberation cause poor sound quality hence making it difficult for students to hear clearly. Sontext products have been used in Universities and schools all over the world.


Reduce noise in departure lounges SonofonicAirports are places with lots of hard surfaces and lots of people. this results in lots of noise. Sontext have supplied Painted acoustic wood panels, Acoustic Baffles and even Stretch fabric to various airports around the world. Whether it is the luggage areas , Shopping areas or Business lounges they all need acoustic treatments to reduce the noise.


Serenity Printed Panel

Sontext improve Studio Sound

Broadcast studios traditionally have a lot of hard surfaces  from equipment, desks and windows. This makes it very important to have the right acoustic treatment. Each studio will have different uses either recording or broadcast.  Sontext have supplied and do supply many thickness of panel as well as a number of Diffusing and Sound absorbing Panels to achieve the desired result.

Meeting Rooms or Office Reception Area

Decorative Acoustic panelsBoardrooms and Office areas are all usually built with lots of glass and hard wearing floors. this results in increased noise making hearing and working very difficult. These types of room or areas it is important that the acoustic panels look great as well as performing well in reducing noise. This can be achieved in some instances by using Serenity Printed Acoustic Panels.


Hospitals or Medical Facilities

remove noise in hospitals with serenity Panels

Hospitals are always built with lots of hard surfaces due to the need  to reduce infection. However it is also important to keep these areas noise free. Serenity Acoustic Ceilings have been used with Anti Microbial fabrics. This can be used in Consulting Rooms, Hallways or reception areas


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