Workshop Acoustics

Workshops, production facilities, warehouses, etc, can be inherently noisy places. With machinery, forklifts, and many hard surfaces, reverberation can be a real problem. Personal safety wear may be required for workers operating particularly noisy machinery, but high levels of background noise will affect all occupants – including other workers and visitors.

Buildings of this type may not have an installed ceiling or wall lining that can provide space to install sound absorbing panels. The roof, supporting structures and services (air conditioning, fire services, etc) may be exposed to view from below. Many modern open public spaces are also designed this way, ie., without a suspended ceiling in place. Hanging acoustic baffles like SONOBAFFLES are an ideal choice for such spaces.



Reducing Workshop Noise

Apart from controlling noise and enhancing sound quality, Acoustic Baffles can be finished to also enhance the visual appeal of any space. Robust, cleanable, coloured fabrics are available for use in hostile environments like machine shops, laundries, and production lines. Baffles can also be supplied with “blackout” finish to minimise their presence.

Conventional acoustic panels are installed flush with either the ceiling or wall system. On the other hand, baffles require very little installation space, as they can be suspended (by chain or wire for example), from the roof structure in a horizontal or vertical format, regardless of their shape and design.

Acoustic Baffles

Solution to Reduce Noise In Workshops

SerenityLite Panels

SerenityLite Panels are a common solution to unwanted background noise in commercial offices. They are lightweight, dimensions are customisable, and panels are available in a huge range of fabric finishes.

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Serenity Panels

Serenity Panels offer a more robust solution for high traffic areas, with of the inclusion of an impact resistant membrane under the fabric facing. Sontext can manufacture in thicknesses from 25mm – 100mm, and in special sizes to fit around windows, aircon, lighting, etc.

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Sonobaffles differ from conventional acoustic ceiling panels in that they are suspended vertically.  Where ceiling space allows, the benefit of Sonobaffles is that both sides of the panels are available for sound absorption, rather than single-sided flat-mounted ceiling panels, so the system has potentially twice the sound absorbing area.

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Results Of Reducing Noise in Workshops

Note that the choices made on the panel area installed, panel thickness, etc, will influence the sound absorption performance of the system. It is therefore recommended that you consult a Sontext expert to assist you in your choices

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