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Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels

Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels are designed to be installed on walls or ceilings to absorb sound bouncing of the hard surface.  The Panels come in four standards thicknesses. Depending on the project Serenity Panels can be supplied in standard sizes or in custom sizes.

Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels come in a wide range of Fabric finishes, from Printed Art Panels to Leather, and Screen fabrics

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Murano Acoustic Wood Panels

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels  are an extensive range of  Acoustic Panels with different hole patterns. Available in Wood Veneer, Painted Finish, or a Decorative Laminate, Murano Panels offer more than just an acoustic treatment. Designed to be functional as well as and decorative Murano Panels come in standard sizes and custom depending on the needs of the project.

Hole sizes can be as big as 40mm to as small as 0.5mm

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Printed Art Acoustic Panels

Serenity Printed Art Panels are designed to be an acoustic panel but highly personal and customised. Images are high resolution printing on fabric ensuring high acoustic performance. 

Serenity Art Panels are currently used in Meeting Rooms Corporate boardrooms or reception areas. The image can be a corporate image or can be any of the stock images available on line.

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Decrasound Polyester Acoustics

DecraSound Acoustic systems are manufactured from recycled polyester fibre, fire rated, non-toxic, odourless, and has enormous flexibility in design. The products include 3D Wall and Ceiling panels, printed acoustic wall panels, baffles clouds and office screens

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