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Acoustic Wood Panels by MURANO.

Perforated, grooved & slotted ceiling and wall panels.

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Acoustic Wood Panel Murano

Perforated Wood Acoustic Panel

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels are the ideal noise control solution for interior environments if you're looking for decorative natural wooden finishes.  Besides fabric acoustic panels, Acoustic Wood Panels are one of the most popular options available to reduce noise.  The Murano range of timber acoustic panels are available in a range of patterns and finishes, so designers can create a quiet and comfortable interior space.  Panels  are available in perforated, slotted and grooved patterns and also available in wood veneer, paint or decorative laminate.  With the different patterns available either slots or grooves each has  different sound absorbing characteristics, so it is important to make the right choice.  Download the Murano Pattern Range Info Sheet to see our selection of pattern options. 


Unlimited Choice Of Finishes

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Murano acoustic panels are available in a wide range surface finishes including real wood veneers, paint finishes and decorative laminates.  Each of these give the designer almost an unlimited  choice.  There is a standard colour range for the real wood veneers and laminates that can be viewed on the Standard Colour Range Info Sheet.

Pick a colour that meets your design brief

Unlimited Colours Available.

Designers have an unlimited choice of colour selection if they use a paint finish.  You can choose from any colour in the Pantone Colour range in either a high gloss or matt finish.  Murano Acoustics work with designers and architects around the world to develop a world class range of Acoustic Wood Panels.

The latest perforation techniques from around the world to maximise sound absorption and reduce reverberation.  The panel face is laminated and finished, then precision routed to produce the desired decorative effect.  The MDF substrate on these highly engineered panels may also be perforated independently to allow sound to pass through and be dissipated.

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels are available in three surface finishes:

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