Retail Acoustics

Large volume, open public spaces like food courts and shopping malls are particularly susceptible to reverberation and excessive unwanted sound problems. The combination of crowds, conversation and multiple hard surfaces like polished tiles, glass and masonry means that sound waves can reflect randomly around the interior space, causing echo and noisy background sound.

Reducing Noise In Retail

In addition, many large spaces like these do not have a fitted suspended ceiling, so there is no opportunity to utilise sound absorbing ceiling tiles. An ideal and effective solution is to install sound absorbing hanging baffles.

The accompanying image shows Sontext Sonobaffles installed in the concourse at Melbourne Airport, Terminal 3. Sonobaffles also partially ‘hide’ the services like aircon ducts, plumbing, etc, that are otherwise exposed in these spaces.

Solution to Reduce Noise In Retail


Sonobaffles are particularly suited to larger retail outlets, such as “big box” constructions. Sonobaffles differ from conventional acoustic ceiling panels in that they are suspended vertically.  Where ceiling space allows, the benefit of Sonobaffles is that both sides of the panels are available for sound absorption, rather than single-sided flat-mounted ceiling panels, so the system has potentially twice the sound absorbing area.

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Murano Acoustic Panels

Perforated Murano Acoustic Wood Panels can be used as a high impact-resistant interior wall lining. With acoustic insulation installed behind, they provide excellent reverberation control.

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Results Of Soundproofing Retail

Sontext Acoustic Panels are ideal for retail spaces where customers sound levels are hard to control. Sontext experts can help in choosing panel types, sizes, shapes, finishes and acoustic performance appropriate for any interior space.