Hospital Acoustics

Hospitals can be busy, noisy places potentially creating an uncomfortable environment not only for patients, but also for staff and visitors. Interior design in hospitals, as in many medical and health care facilities, is influenced by the general design trends in all modern commercial buildings. Current modern trends include the use of lots of glass, stone and other hard surfaces on walls, floors and furniture. The result of this is the potential for reverberation, or reflected sound, intruding into the lives of many people in these facilities. 

Wards are not the only areas in health facilities that can suffer from noise problems. Critical noisy areas in hospitals include consulting and waiting rooms. If these areas have hard surfaces with many people coming and going, constant movement and clatter can make it difficult for medical staff or receptionists to hear what the visitors are saying clearly. 


Reducing Noise In Hospital's

Some of the solutions that have been undertaken to resolve this problem were implementing ear plugs, noise warning systems, acoustic treatment panels, educational initiatives and noise reduction protocols. The most effective method was proven to be acoustic treatment panels.

By installing sound absorbing acoustic panels such as Serenity and Sonofonic Panels, manufactured by SONTEXT, noise reflected off walls and ceilings can be reduced significantly. As well as efficiently absorbing reflected sound waves, Sontext Serenity and Sonofonic panels are fire rated, and can be vacuumed or cleaned with mild detergents, so a clean healthy environment can be maintained. 




Reduce Noise in Hospitals

Solution to Reduce Noise In Hospital's

SerenityLite Panels

SerenityLite Acoustic Panels are lightweight sound absorbers that are ideal for direct fixing to ceilings and upper walls, away from potential impact damage.

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Serenity Panels

Serenity Acoustic Panels are recommended for high traffic areas. They are manufactured with a timber frame and MDF backing and include an impact resistant membrane under the fabric facing.

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Sonofonic Acoustic Ceiling Panels are designed to provide a quiet, visually pleasing environment for interior spaces that may be otherwise difficult to utilise fully, simply because noise levels may...

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Results Of Soundproofing Hospitals

Sontext manufacture and supply all types of acoustic panels. These include Acoustic Wall Panels, Acoustic Ceiling Panels, Baffles, Clouds and moveable Acoustic Screens. To see how Sontext can make your facility a more quiet, pleasant place for clients, patients and visitors please contact us!

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