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Sontext Acoustic Panels

Fabric Acoustic Panels

Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels are available in numerous thicknesses and finishes. Depending on the frequency of the noise or sound problem then various thickness of Acoustic Panel are required.

Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels come in a almost unlimited range of Fabric finishes, from Printed Art Panels to Leather, and Screen fabrics.


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Timber Acoustic Panels

Murano Acoustic Timber Panels by Sontext are an extensive range of Perforated Acoustic Panels. Available in Wood Veneer, Painted Finish, or a Decorative Laminate, Murano Panels offer more than just an acoustic treatment. From holes as big as 50mm to as small as 0.5mm the design options are unlimited.

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Acoustic Baffles or Clouds

Sonofonic Acoustic Clouds or Baffles are suitable to treat noise in large public spaces, such as Auditoriums or Sports Centres.  Areas with no fixed ceiling but have a large void under the roof line can be difficult to treat for Noise . By installing Acoustic Baffles or Clouds the noise can be reduced significantly while creating a unique design feature.

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Modern Courtrooms are now recording proceedings or operate via video link to outside venues. To do this effectively, sound quality is critical. That is why it is important to have good acoustical design incorporating the appropriate acoustic treatment.

Recording Studio Acoustic Panel Sontext

Recording and Broadcast studios

Sound treatment in studios is critical, to make sure the recordings are clean and of high quality. That is why it is important to incorporate a combination of Sound absorption, Diffusion and reflection. Sontext produce acoustic panels that will suit all these applications.

Reduce Noise in Hospitals wit acoustic Panels


Hospitals constantly need to have quiet spaces for patients and staff to operate. However with clinical hard surfaces this can be difficult. Sontext have supplied specifically designed Acoustic Panels to reduce the Noise while meeting the high Clinical requirements.

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