Acoustic Art Panels

Acoustic & Textural Creativity

Acoustic Art Panels are a recent addition to the Serenity Acoustic Panel range.

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Acoustic Art Panels from the acoustic art panel range at sontext

Acoustic Art Panel with printing.

Acoustic Art Panels can be used in many of applications, from Restaurants, Schools to Boardroom or Teleconference rooms.

The main technical requirement of Acoustic Art Panels is to remove unwanted noise or reverberation from the room or space. By adding images to the panels the panels add a visual dimension to the space – as works of art or even promotional pieces.

Sontext Art Panels can be printed with your own choice of image, or if you wish,  you can browse and download an image from one of the ‘public domain’ sites like “Dreamstime”.

SONTEXT is also now collaborating with SAYERS ART & DESIGN to offer a new dimension in contemporary decorative acoustic treatments. ACOUSTIC ART PANELS combine high resolution prints of Sayers’ exciting post modern abstract images with the high performance sound absorption of SONTEXT acoustic panels.

Sontext have worked with designers and created a new product called “Acoustic Marble”  which was a high irresolution printing of marble to create the look of a Marble Ceiling but with high Acoustic Performance. See the image in the slide show at the top of the page. For more information Call Sontext +61 3 9432 2733.

The result is a range of acoustic panels that will not only provide a powerful visual statement on wall, but will improve sound quality in interior spaces such as: boardrooms, function centres, reception areas, commercial foyers, etc.   Acoustic Art Panel Acoustic Performance

Acoustic Art Panels Performance Table

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Acoustic Performance Sound Absorption Coefficients Reverberation room method (Hz)
Thickness 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 N.R.C.
25mm 0.15 0.55 1.00 0.95 0.95 0.95 0.85
50mm 0.26 0.71 1.03 1.11 1.09 1.03 1.00
75mm 0.5 1.05 1.05 1.00 1.05 1.00 1.05
Serenity Acoustic Panels have been tested in N.A.T.A. approved labatories at R.M.I.T. using a full reverberation chamber and have achieved a Noise Reduction Coefficient (N.R.C.) o 0.85. This results in up to 85% of the sound that hits the panel being absorbed. Increases in low frequency absorption can be achieved by adding an air gap or by increasing the thickness of the panel.

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