Decrasound Polyester Acoustic Clouds 

Sound Absorbing Polyester Baffles are part of the Decrasound range of acoustic wall and ceiling noise reduction systems. Acoustic baffles are an important option in treating interior noise from a space that has lots of hard surfaces. Reflective surfaces cause sound to bounce around a space creating annoying noise, making the rooms  unusable.

Polyester Acoustic Baffles are designed to provide many decorative design choices while at the same time significantly improving the sound quality of internal spaces by reducing reverberation or unwanted noise. 

Decrasound Polyester Acoustic baffles range provide both colour and acoustic control. Decrasound Decrabaffles are made from polyester fibre, is non-toxic, odourless, and has low volatile content. If you want to improve your sound levels and enhance your interior decor please contact us

DecraBaffle Acoustics

By incorporating Acoustiscreen Baffles the reduction in unwanted noise can be quite significant. At some frequencies, up to 100% of sound can be absorbed by utilising Acoustiscreen Panels of appropriate thickness and/or by installing the panels with various differences in air space behind them. 

Acoustic DecraBaffle Panels complements the existing Sontext range of fabric faced and perforated timber acoustic panel products, ensuring our clients have maximum choice of acoustic solutions for interior sound control.

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