Design flexibility with noise reduction 

Decrasound Sound Absorbing Clouds are part of the Sontext range of internal noise control systems. Decrasound Polyester Acoustic clouds are an alternate acoustic option to traditional acoustic ceilings. Polyester Acoustic clouds are available in a number of shapes from circles, rectangles and over 40 standard colours.

Decrasound Polyester Acoustic Clouds provide both colour and acoustic control, with the added advantage of suitability as pin boards. Decrasound Polyester acoustic clouds are made from polyester fibre, is non-toxic, odourless, and has low volatile content. If you want to optimise your sound levels and enhance your interior decor please contact us

DecraCloud Acoustics -suspended Polyester Acoustic Clouds

Polyester Acoustic clouds are one of the many options in the Sontext acoustic panel range. By incorporating Decrasound Polyester Acoustic Clouds into  oyur project you can reduce noise while have a creatitive space  by adding shape and colour.

Decrasound Acoustic clouds complement the existing Sontext range of fabric faced and perforated timber acoustic panel products, ensuring our clients have maximum choice of acoustic solutions for interior sound control.

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