PET Decorative Wall Panels
12mm or 24mm polyester acoustic panels
PET Acoustic Panels

Acoustiscreen Polyester Acoustic Panels

Wall panels are available in up to 48 colours and three thicknesses, 9,12, and 24mm. Manufactured from  100%Polyester fibre and consist of at least 75% recycled PET. Acoustiscreen has a 10 year warranty and is recyclable at the end of its standard use. Acoustiscreen standard wall panel is a decorative wall lining in a single colour that can be used as a pinboard or as a decorative wall  Acoustiscreen Wall Panels provide a colourful, decorative wall lining that can also be used as a pinable surface for posters, displays, etc. The panels are therefore ideal for use in childcare, kindergarten or classroom applications.

The acoustic performance of Acoustiscreen can be improved by either increasing the panel thickness, or by installation with an air gap behind the panels

Acoustiscreen is available in standard size sheets of 2400x1200 or on a made to order basis can be supplied up to 3600mm long.

For Further information please see    DecraSound PET Polyester Acoustic products

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