Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels

"Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels are designed to LOOK GOOD AND SOUND GREAT in any space."

Our Products

Serenity Acoustic Panel

Serenity Fabric Covered Acoustic Panels are designed for installation onto wall and ceilings to absorb reflected sound (reverberation) that could otherwise cause sound problems in interior spaces.  They are durable, impact resistant and provide excellent sound absorption, while  allowing designers the freedom to choose any stylish screen fabric from the huge variety available on the market.


SerenityLite Fabric Acoustic Panels

SerenityLite Acoustic Panels provide a cost effective, noise control solution for walls and ceilings.  The panels are lightweight, easy to install and are removable for cleaning. The choice of fabric colours and patterns on the market is huge, so SerenityLite provides  design flexibility, while at the same time significantly improving the sound quality of internal spaces by controlling reverberation.


Art or Printed Acoustic Panels

Serenity ART Panels deliver the same high performance sound absorption performance as standard Serenity Acoustic Panels, with the addition of stunning, digitally printed fabric facings. The choice of image is yours - graphic design images, logos or a photo to suit your mood.  ART Panels are fully customised ceiling and wall panels, made to your order.




Background noise in classrooms, school halls or kindergartens can be distracting and stressful for children and teachers. Sound absorbing panels can be used to reduce this unwanted noise to more acceptable levels. Lightweight decorative panels such as SerenityLite can be retrofitted to either new or existing walls or ceilings to minimise this problem.