Religion Application

Church Acoustics

Modern places of worship have demanding expectations for the acoustic qualities of a space. Speech clarity and quality are required for amplified sound, instrumental and choral music and for congregational response.

Religious centres have many functions and forms of music from traditional organ music to more contemporary amplified band music. Some worship centres are used for other purposes as well, such as conferences and family gathering and performances. Experience in places of worship is also extremely important for spoken word or congregational singing, and acoustics pays a large part in optimising these experiences. Acoustics will help achieve the right balance of performance and aesthetics.

Reducing Noise In Churches

Large open spaces such as churches, mosques or meeting halls can generate reverberation, or reflected sound. These reflections can make it difficult to hear speech or sound clearly, particularly at a distance from the sound source. Sound absorbing panels will help minimise this problem, but too much acoustic treatment can make a space feel “dead”. It is therefore important to engage an acoustic specialist, ideally at the design stage of the space.

Improve Sound Quality in Churches

Solution to Reduce Noise In Classrooms

Serenity Acoustic Panels

Serenity Acoustic Panels are recommended for high traffic areas. They are manufactured with a timber frame and MDF backing and include an impact resistant membrane under the fabric facing.

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Diffuser Acoustic Panels

Diffuser panels, usually specifically designed for the project, dependant on the particular space and frequency in need of treatment.

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Broad Frequency Band Absorbers

Sontext specialize in custom made or bespoke Acoustic Panels. For example, specialty acoustic panels up to 400mm thick with a perforated timber face can be manufactured to treat low frequency sound in recording or...

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Results Of Soundproofing Religion Centres