Ceiling Art Panels

Acoustic ceiling panels are an ideal solution to help reduce the sound reverberation and echo within a large space.  Ceilings are not a one size fits all and spaces with different lighting fixtures, air conditioning vents or different aesthetics so finding an acoustic solution which can be tailored to suit the ceiling is not an issue for the team at Sontext. 

The Serenity art ceiling panels lead the way in bringing together unique and customised interior designs with internal noise control solutions. These customised ceiling and wall panels are made to order.  Clients can choose from stunning graphic designs or tailor the panels with their branding - the sky is the limit.  

Clients can create a truly exclusive and inviting space by adding a visual dimension to the space with Serenity Acoustic Art Ceiling Panels.  These sound absorption ceiling panels are designed to provide extensive design flexibility while at the same time significantly improving the sound quality of internal spaces by controlling reverberation.  The panels are designed with a high impact resistant membrane under the fabric face for use in areas of high traffic where both durability and reverberation control are prime requirements.

Adding a Unique Visual Dimension

The acoustic experts at Sontext partnered with the team at Rosetta restaurant, Melbourne to find a solution to help reduce the echo within the restaurant for their staff and patrons. Contributing to sound reverberation were various hard surfaces including the hard floor, tables, glass windows and plaster boards.  The sound was bouncing off these surfaces which contributed to the echo.

To effectively reduce the sound challenges the acoustic experts at Sontext recommended covering at least 50% of the ceiling with ceiling panels.  The acoustic panels were also turned into a design feature within the restaurant.  A marble design was printed onto the 50mm Serenity ceiling art panels creating a focal point in the room.

Serenity Art Panels are easy to install making them the ideal acoustic solution not only for restaurants but also education spaces, receptions or meeting rooms.   Depending on your space and acoustic requirements the panel area and thickness will affect acoustic performance. It is strongly recommended that an Acoustic Engineer is consulted before specifying the requirements for a project.

Serenity Ceiling Art Panels are a great way to add colour or a special look to your acoustic panels.  These ceiling panels can be printed with your own choice of image, or if you wish, you can browse and download an image from one of the ‘public domain’ sites like Dreamstime.

Serenity Acoustic Ceiling Panels are designed and tested to leading industry standards.  These ceiling panels have been tested in N.A.T.A. registered laboratories at RMIT University using a full reverberation chamber test. 


Serenity Art Wall and Ceiling Panels are going to leave a lasting impression on your clients or guests.  These durable, simple to install panels are the perfect acoustic solution to remove unwanted noise or reverberation from the space.

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