Printer Serenity Art Panel in LindergartenWhen looking to treat noise or unwanted sound  in your office or home Studio, Decorative acoustic wall panels are one of the best options. Choices can be from something completely functional to a piece of abstract artwork in the form of an acoustic panel. Depending on the type of noise, from regular background noise to having difficulty concentrating due to the noise levels . Noise of this kind can be really tiring and stressful.

Wall Panels Enhance The Look

Nowadays, you can opt from several kinds of wall panels in Australia, ranging from decorative fabric  covered Acoustic panels, to Pieces of art work or carved  finishes.  However, it is a simple option to give an amazing look to your space, but at the same time, the level of sound absorption needs to be considered. Most office or studio situations require we recommend a 25mm thick acoustic wall panel. However it depends on the frequency of the noise and the type of sound being produced. Getting advice on the right composition of the acoustic panel is critical.  Sontext always recommend seeking  speaking to an acoustic specialist (click here for your local specialist). Acoustic panels that are too thin can and possibly make the noise worse. Contacting  Sontext would be the best place start in getting a decorative solution.

Making The Right Selection

In the past carpet and heavy drapes took care of a lot of the sound absorption, but trends in carpet tiles and draw down blinds have  turned quiet rooms into noise boxes. That is why not only must an acoustic wall panel be functional it must meet the decor of the room. Choice of finish will ensure you get an elegant and attractive look to the walls. If you own a home studio or office and looking to install  acoustic wall panels, being aware of finish options is important. Sontext work with all the worlds fashion textile manufacturers and can advise on the colours and ranges of finishes available. 

Best Wall Panels Australia As Per Your Budget

With several varieties of wall panels available in Australia, you can select as per your choice and budget preferences. For instance, if your budget is tight, then you might go for Decrasound acoustic wall panels as they are cost effective and durable. If you want something more decorative for example either  Velvet, wool or plush fabric on a Serenity Acoustic Panel could be an option.  Art Panels would be the most decorative and while affordable would be at the higher end of the spectrum.

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Noisy Office Creates stress

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