In today’s meeting rooms or boardrooms reflected sound and background noise are two important aspects that need to be considered. This has come about because of the increasing use of these rooms for teleconferencing. 

Hard surfaces such as glass, stone or tiles reflect sound waves that may cause ‘echo’ or distort speech when using teleconferencing. An effective solution is to install Acoustic Wall Panels, such as Art Panels, in the meeting room or boardroom. Art Panels can be used to display your companies branding, corporate messages or simply to enhance the interior décor

Major Australian energy company, Alinta Energy, has used Sontext Serenity Art Panels in a number of its Australian boardrooms to reduce noise and improve sound quality. The company chose high quality images from their own files, to be printed onto their Serenity Acoustic Panels, showing both their operations and the company’s corporate message. Working with the Sontext printing department, the images were edited to suit the dimensions of the panels chosen.

The steps required to maximise sound quality and create a stylish interior for your boardroom or comms room project are as follows:

  • Calculate the area, dimensions and location of sound absorption panels needed. (Sontext can assist you to establish these)
  • Choose an image. Images are available from many of the online image libraries. Discuss with Sontext to ensure the desired image is suitable.
  • Place order and within 2-3 weeks the panels are delivered to site.

Contact Sontext today for assistance, to discuss your project, or visit the company website at

Images are available from many of the online image libraries.

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