Acoustic Panels cure noisy restaurant

Acoustic Panels installed to improve noisy restaurant.

The problem of going to a Noisy Restaurant is becoming very common in most countries around the world creating an uncomfortable experience for patrons.

The design of many cafes or restaurants usually creates a lot of unwanted noise making dining an uncomfortable experience.

Trend in Restaurants or cafes Decor is to have lots of hard clean surfaces which may look great but for patrons it becomes too noisy. The noise is the result of the sound bouncing of the walls and ceiling. To fix the problem sound absorbing panels need to be installed in the room.

Sontext Acoustic Panel for noisy restaurant
Serenity Acoustic Panel in Restaurant

For the Oakridge Winery in Coldstream in Victoria the noise was quite a  problem with it effecting the atmosphere in the restaurant.

An Interior Design Firm was selected called 2LINQ from Sydney Australia to incorperate the Acoustic Treatment into the decor of the Noisy Restaurant.

Bespoke or Custom Made Acoustic Panels

Serenity Acoustic were chosen because they could be made to fit in with the existing building. Sontext were given the measurements of the walls and were able to make Besboke Panels to suit the existing building.

The thickness of the acoustic panel was 50mm thick which is perfect for a  Noisy Restaurant. The thicker the acoustic panel the better the sound absorption, that is the more noise it will soak up.

The best treatment for a noisy restaurant is to place acoustic panels on the wall and ceiling if possible. The Oakridge Winery chose to install 50mm thick Serenity Acoustic Wall panels.

Serenity Acoustic Panel in Restaurant
Acoustic Panel incorporates switch

Unlimited Colour choice

Sontext Serenity Acoustic are available in an almost unlimited  range of colours or textures from many leading international Textile suppliers some are  as listed below.

Sontext have a wide range of Acoustic panels to match almost any decor. If you have a noisy restaurant please call Robert on +61 3 9432 2733 or email Sontext sales at

For pictures of  noisy restaurants treated with Serenity Acoustic Panels see Sontext Flickr

Reduce Noise in a Noisy Restaurant
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Reduce Noise in a Noisy Restaurant
A Noisy Restaurant can be a major problem with lots of hard surfaces creating too much noise. Serenity Acoustic Panels can be installed to solve this problem