Hanging Acoustic Clouds or baffles Panels

Sonofonic acoustic Clouds bespoke shapes
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Hanging Acoustic Clouds the new revolution

In a buildings like Sports Centers,   Function centers and auditoriums where there are high ceiling and lots of noise, trying to reduce the noise can be difficult. Traditionally the solution would be Acoustic ceiling panels, or do nothing as the ceiling is too high or decorative to cover with an acoustic panel.  Now the answer is Hanging Acoustic Clouds.

Hanging Acoustic Clouds are the newest product to be added to the Sontext range of acoustic panels under the name of Sonofonic Acoustic Clouds. Sonofonic Acoustic clouds are made from Glasswool and have a decorative painted finish. This means that you can have a variety of shapes and colour to create a new look as well as treating the noise problem. see Pantone Colours

Acoustic clouds are suspended  from the ceiling using a simple hook and wire system. Recently installed in the new Terminal 4 at Melbourne Tullamarine airport, the Sonofonic acoustic clouds were suspended 4 metres from the roof at different heights and the effect is amazing.

Hanging acoustic cloud shapes

Sonofonic shapes are available in many standard shapes as seen below

Acoustic Cloud Shapes


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