Sonofonic Painted Acoustic Clouds

Sontext have recently released a range of Acoustic Clouds which include  10 shapes. The purpose of Painted Acoustic Clouds is to introduce a sound absorbing treatment into a space which has too much noise or need to have the sound improved. If there is no option for a suspended ceiling or wall areas to place the acoustic treatment then one of the options availability is to suspend Acoustic Clouds from the ceiling or roof structure.

Sonofonic acoustic Clouds bespoke shapesBy using Painted Acoustic clouds you have almost an unlimited range of colors from the Pantone range. The paint treatment is over the Tonasorb facing and due to the unique characteristics it is acoustically transparent.

Painted acoustic clouds NSW

At the Sontext office in Sydney we have literature and samples of the Sonofonic Painted Acoustic clouds. We also have samples of the paint colors that are available see  Pantone Color Selection.  By calling Mr Gerald on +61 (0)2 9844 5414 you can discuss the solutions to your noisy space.

Painted Acoustic Clouds
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Painted Acoustic Clouds
Sonofonic Painted Clouds are suitable for installing in a noisy room with very high roof or ceiling. There may be many services in teh ceiling space so Acoustic clouds is a perfect option. Available in 15 shapes or Bespoke on request