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Acoustic Panels in Kuwait

Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels

Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels are designed to be installed on walls or ceilings to soak up noise and improve sound quality. Sound becomes noise as it bounces of the hard surface becoming nosier. Serenity Acoustic Panels come in four standards thicknesses, and can be supplied in standard sizes or in custom sizes. Serenity Fabric Panels are available all international acoustic fabric finishes, from Printed Art Panels to Leather, and Screen fabrics.

Perforated Timber Frequency absorbers

Acoustic Wood Panels

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels are an extensive range of Acoustic Panels manufactured from Perforated or slotted Fire rated MDF. Murano Panels are available in Wood Veneer, Painted Finish, or a Decorative Laminate and offer more than just an acoustic treatment. Designed to be functional as well as and decorative Murano Panels come in standard sizes and custom depending on the needs of the project. Hole sizes can be as big as 40mm to as small as 0.5mm

PET Polyester Acoustic Panel

PET Polyester Acoustic Panel

Decrasound Polyester Solutions include Acoustic wall panels, Carved patterned walls and ceilings, 3D Acoustic Panels, Timber battens, and acoustic clouds and ceiling systems. Acoustiscreen polyester is manufactured from 65% recycled polyester fibre which is non-toxic, odourless, and has low volatile content. Available in more than 60 colours and a large variety of printed facings from masonry to natural timber look.

Improve Sound Quality for Teleconference

Acoustic Clouds and Baffles

Sonofonic Sound Shapes™ take the design of suspended ceiling systems into a new dimension. Manufactured from Sontext’s well-known Sonofonic™ sound absorbing Sound panels, Sound Shapes introduce a variety of shapes to ceiling panels, thus allowing the Interior Designer to break free from the constraints of designing to a standardised rectangular ceiling grid pattern. Sonofonic Sound Shapes can be used as a complete ceiling system


Acoustic Art Panels

Serenity Printed Art Panels are designed to be an acoustic panel with a high quality printed fabric covering. Images are produced in high resolution printing on fabric ensuring high acoustic performance and . Serenity Art Panels are currently used in Meeting Rooms, Corporate boardrooms, hospitality venues or reception areas. The image can be a corporate image or can be any of the stock images available on line.

Acoustic Furniture and Dividers

Sontext dividers and workspace mobile screens are a great way to break up a large space into multiple smaller, private spaces and create a comfortable workspace. Our innovative range of acoustic room dividers and partitions help reduce noise and sound reverberation which improves the overall acoustic performance of the room. Manufactured from 75% recycled polyester, our range allows you to create a truly functional space that looks great.

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