Conference Room

Conference Room Acoustics

Meeting rooms are an essential part of the commercial environment, and with the advent of electronic communication via phone or video, attention to the acoustics in such spaces is critical to ensure clear, high quality speech. Reverberation and sound distortion can be caused by sound waves reflecting off hard surfaces like masonry, glass and polished lining materials.  Poor sound reproduction leads to hearing difficulties and unproductive communications.

Reducing Noise In Conference Room

Acoustic panels, such as Sontext Serenity Panels, can be readily fixed to most wall and ceiling linings. These panels can be faced in a commercially available acoustic fabric of your choice.

The sound source in such spaces is mostly at or around human voice frequencies, and 25mm thick Serenity Panels are particularly efficient at absorbing sound waves at these frequencies. If amplified sound, music, or more intense sound is expected, 50mm thick or 75mm thick panels are also available.


Solution to Reduce Noise In Conference Room

SerenityLite Panels

SerenityLite Acoustic Panels minimise background noise and improve speech clarity in open plan offices due to excellent sound absorption at voice frequencies. They can easily direct-fixed to interior ceilings or upper walls.

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Serenity Panels

Many commercial office complexes have an existing ceiling grid system that means the options for installing acoustic panels is limited. The robust, rigid construction of Serenity Panels means they can be used as a replacement for existing ceiling panels, or wall mounted instead.

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Serenity Arts Panel

Serenity Art Panels provide an opportunity to display messages (eg, company vision, safety, sales, etc), company logos or even product images, as a print on the fabric facing.

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Results Of Soundproofing Conference Room

Sontext products consist of high quality acoustic panels that can assist in reducing sound reverberation within an interior space to meet customer satisfaction. Depending on the dimension of the room and the sound frequency it is best to contact one of Sontext acoustic expert to help successfully meet your requirments.