Open Plan Offices

Open Plan Office Acoustics

The dynamics of the open plan office are designed to be intentionally different from the fully enclosed single person office. The generation of a communal “buzz” generated by multiple occupants working on common tasks is part of the design process, and the acoustics of the open plan space are a critical component of this.

Unless it is addressed, excessive background noise levels can easily cause the experience of working in a high energy workplace to deteriorate due to problems like stress, discomfort, and lack of privacy.

Reducing Noise In Open Plan Offices

Reverberation (or reflected sound) in the workspace itself may be a contributor to high noise levels. Hard internal surfaces like walls, ceilings, desktops etc, can reflect sound waves, interfering with clear speech and internally generated sounds like phone calls and video links.

Sontext can assist with minimising high sound levels and reverberation problems. Sontext manufacture and supply fully tested sound absorbing wall and ceiling panels such as Serenity Acoustic Panels, specifically for this type of application. 

These acoustic panels are available in a huge variety of colours and patterns and are easily installed on new or existing surfaces.

Solution to Reduce Noise In Open Plan Offices

SerenityLite Panels

SerenityLite Acoustic Panels minimise background noise and improve speech clarity in open plan offices due to excellent sound absorption at voice frequencies. They can easily direct-fixed to interior ceilings or upper walls.

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Serenity Panels

Many commercial office complexes have an existing ceiling grid system that means the options for installing acoustic panels is limited. The robust, rigid construction of Serenity Panels means they can be used as a replacement for existing ceiling panels, or wall mounted instead.

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Serenity Arts Panel

Serenity Art Panels provide an opportunity to display messages (eg, company vision, safety, sales, etc), company logos or even product images, as a print on the fabric facing.

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Results Of Soundproofing Open Plan Offices

Sontext acoustic panels have been successful in reducing sound and improving productivity in open spaces. Contact us  and we can help in choosing facing, panel dimensions and are able to custom manufacture to project requirements.