Serenity Decorative Acoustic Panels

Serenity Acoustic Wall & Ceiling Panels

Finding a solution to fix your client’s noisy rooms, that also meets their bespoke design requirements, doesn’t have to be difficult. Interior designers and architects have been working with the decorative acoustic panel experts at Sontext, from the design stage or the tender stage of their clients build, to find the right acoustic solution.

Sontext is a one-stop shop for decorative sound panels including fabric wall and ceiling decorative acoustic panels, timber acoustic panels, acoustic art panels and acoustic clouds & baffles.

Our range of Serenity fabric decorative acoustic wall panels are designed to absorb reflected sound (reverberation) that could otherwise cause sound problems in interior spaces. The fabric covered wall and ceiling panels provide excellent sound absorption while enhancing the décor of any room.

Limited by your imagination

No matter how large or small a clients space is Serenity decorative acoustic panels are the ideal acoustic solution. Serenity acoustic panels are manufactured in a range of sizes thicknesses to suit all interior applications or can be custom-made to size. Designers and architects have the freedom to choose any stylish screen fabric wrapping from a huge variety available on the market.

Durable acoustic solution

These premium decorative sound panels are fitted with L32 impact resistant membrane and MDF backing making them highly durable and suitable for school classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, residential spaces and various other spaces. Serenity acoustic panels can be cleaned, removed and reused adding to their durability.

Decorative and functional

Acoustics solutions don’t need to only be functional, however, they can also enhance the design of a space. Serenity decorative acoustic panels are available in a wide range of fashionable acoustic fabrics that can be created to suit any interior décor. Fabric wraps around all edges of the panel providing a seamless finish and can be digitally printed if required. Serenity fabric wall and ceiling panels can also be custom made to fit around obstacles such as vents, windows and lighting.

Most Serenity wall and ceiling acoustic panels have a substantial recycled raw material content and manufactured from materials that achieve Group 1 Fire rating when tested against AS 5637.1:2015 making them suitable for “Greenstar” and LEED” and similar environmental rating programs for commercial interiors.

Engineered to suit any space

Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panels are engineered and designed to reduce reverberation that create quieter, comfortable interior spaces.  These panels are suitable for large commercial spaces to smaller class rooms. The number of panels you require will be differ depending on the purpose of the space, for example is the room designed for music or an office space.

Other factors to consider when calculating your panel quantities requirements are the noise levels and the area of the hard surface. Serenity fabric panels can be manufactured to suit the requirement of any room. If you need help in determining how many decorative sound panels you need for your space the acoustic experts at Sontext can help you determine the right panel coverage options.

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