Melbourne Shrine Of Remembrance is silent

Shrice Of RememberenceIf you have been recently to the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance you will realise it is a very quiet place and a place that has significant meaning to the people of Australia. Over the years there have been significant changes made to the Shrine, including the major addition of the underground area.

One thing you may see if you go through the public area is the Red Ceiling. This incorporates Custom made Acoustic Ceiling panels. Dustom made Fabric Ceiling PanelsThe Ceiling Panels are Serenity Acoustic Panels by Sontext incorporating a sound absorbing membrane and a tegular edge to match the painted grid.

Serenity Acoustic Panels were chosen by ARM Architects of Melbourne and after many alterations to the  standard product a custom made Acoustic Ceiling Panel was  created which can be seen in the photograph.

By including the Serenity Acoustic Ceiling Panel the quiet feeling of the Shrine is  maintained in the Public area.

Article Name
Acoustic Panels in Shrine of Rembrance
Creating a Quiet place in a Shrine of Remembrance is important and this was achieved by adding Sontext Serenity Acoustic Ceiling Panels

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