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Acoustic Wall Panels Install In hospitals
Serenity Fabric Acoustic Panel in hospitals

Many people who have a noise problem can get confused and not sure where to start. This is not helped by the number of different types of acoustic panels in the market place. These include Acoustic wall panels, Acoustic ceiling panels, Baffles , Clouds or moveable Acoustic screens.

The other decision people with a noise problem face is where is the best location to place the acoustic panel to maximise the impact on the noise that is annoying them.

The first thing that must be addressed is what type of noise is it that is causing concern and where is it coming from,

Case Study

We have a consulting room and we can hear everything that is being said in the reception area.  An example on how to approach this situation could be.


  1. What type of noise is it? voices, music etc
  2. Where is it coming from?
  3. How good a barrier to the noise are the walls and ceilings of the consulting room?
  4. Can people in reception hear what is being said in the consulting rooms.


  1. The noise is voices
  2. Its coming from people in the reception area
  3. We cannot hear noise from one consulting room to the next
  4. No! the people I the reception or waiting room cannot hear what is being said in the consulting room.

Conclusion and Solution

Due to the fact that only the noise from the reception can be heard, then we know it is a problem with noise levels and reverberation. This generally means that the sound of voices is bouncing of hard surfaces and usually walls is making the sound louder and becoming annoying noise.  To solve this we need to install sound absorbing acoustic panels into the reception area.

Serenity Art PanelOne of the key options to remove the noise is to install Acoustic Wall Panels. This will reduce the noise significantly and can be a decorative feature  also as in the image of an Serenity Art Panel in a reception area.

By Installing Serenity Acoustic Wall Panels the sound transmission through the adjoining consulting room wall can also be reduced.


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