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Sonofonic Acoustic Baffles

Large volume, open interior spaces like retail showrooms, warehouses, gymnasiums, indoor sports venues, or re-purposed industrial buildings, can be virtual echo chambers, especially if the interior has a high roof line and no ceiling. This is because any sound generated inside can reflect off hard wall, roof and floor surfaces, causing unwanted noise, echo. This is known as reverberation

This echo effect is unwanted noise. It can make speech or music difficult to hear or understand clearly, and be very uncomfortable for occupants.

To improve the sound quality, minimise this unwanted noise, and help make the interior suitable for its intended use, sound absorbing panels can be installed.  If the space has no fitted ceiling, an ideal option is to install Acoustic Baffles. Sontext manufactures and supplies SONOBAFFLES - Fabric covered or Painted acoustic panels that can be suspended vertically from the roof with either wire or chain (see accompanying image). These baffles can absorb up to ninety percent of any sound waves that reach their surface.

Finishes available

Fabric Covered

Sontext Sonobaffles are covered with acoustic screen fabrics, and come in 50mm to 100mm thickness depending on the amount of absorption required. For further information see Acoustic Baffles. Sonobaffles are available in most commercial screen fabrics however Sontext use Rim Trilogy 1 as its standard colour range.

Sontext Sonofonic Acoustic Baffles
Sontext Sonofonic Acoustic Baffles

Painted Finish

Sontext Sonofonic Acoustic Baffles are available in a wide range colours from either RAL or Pantone coloured range. Available in in 30mm to 100mm thickness Sonofonic Baffles are an economical way to reduce noise in large open spaces, such as Melbourne Airport T4. See Sonofonic Baffles Melbourne Airport


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Sound echoes around in my large open space. What do I do?
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Sound echoes around in my large open space. What do I do?
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