A common solution for noisy interior spaces is to install sound absorbing Acoustic Panels on walls or ceilings. These panels are engineered to minimise unwanted background noise and reverberation in almost any internal space, and experienced manufacturers and suppliers like Sontext can assist in choosing the type, style and dimensions. Most projects are satisfied with standard cut to size panels, from 600x600mm up to 1200x2400mm. However, Acoustic Panels don’t necessarily need to be rectangular. For more interesting and dramatic design effects it may be worth considering Sontext Acoustic Clouds or Sontext Baffles to solve a sound problem.

Acoustic Clouds or Baffles Sontext

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Features & Benefits of Acoustic Clouds & Baffles

These products perform in exactly the same way as conventional Acoustic Panels, but with additional features:

-Acoustic Clouds can be made in a large range of shapes and sizes.

-Acoustic Baffles and Clouds can be suspended from ceiling structures either horizontally or vertically.

Sontext can custom-manufacture these sound absorbing panels to your specifications. They can also assist in choosing colours, textures and finishes from the large range of porous fabric and timber facings available.

The benefits of taking a creative approach – that is, “thinking outside the square” – with these products to solve interior acoustic problems include:

-Acoustic Clouds and Baffles can add a distinctly creative dimension to the décor of a space.

-Panels suspended this way act as two-sided sound absorbers. Because they are mounted with both front and back sides exposed, these panels will absorb a greater proportion of sound waves reflected off surrounding hard surfaces.

Sontext is an Australian manufacturer and supplier of Acoustic Panels, Acoustic Clouds and Acoustic baffles throughout Australia, and in many overseas countries including the Middle East. For further information, contact Sontext or visit the company website.

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