Polyester Panels and Pin Boards

Pineable Polyester wall liningSontext are please to release our new range of Polyester Acoustic and Pinable wall and ceiling panels. The range is called Acoustiscreen and comprises from the heavy density and rigid 12mm acoustic wall lining to 25 and 50mm wall and ceiling panels. Acoustiscreen polyester panels are made from up to 65% recycled polyester fibre and have been assessed by Ecospecifier as an environmentally safe product.

Acoustiscreen 12 can be used as a finished wall or ceiling  lining by using the coloured 9 or 12mm panel, the panel comes 2440x1220x12mm and can be glued directly to the frame or Gypsum lining giving a pinable  acoustic wall lining. Acoustiscreen can also be used primarily as a Coloured pin board.  As the product comes in a wide range of colours there is no need for a  fabric finish.

Acoustiscreen 25 or 50 are available in a wide range of fabrics that can be installed on walls or ceilings using a contact adhesive.

If you have noisy work stations, Acoustiscreen can be added to the face of the existing work station panel or incorporated  into the construction of a new work station panel.

Acoustiscreen can be used in halls or school classrooms to reduce echo or just to cover the wall with a pinable decorative surface.

For a brochure please contact sales@sontext.com.au


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