Murano Acoustic Timber Panels

For designers, architects and project managers who are looking for an acoustic solution to help keep noise to minimum, that also provides a stylish finish are turning to Murano acoustic wood panels. Murano Acoustics is an acoustic wood wall panel supplier, that supply a wide range of decorative wood panels that are designed to help absorb the sound within interior spaces.

Acoustic Wood Panels That Are Easy To Install

The design and manufacture teams at Murano Acoustics focus on ensuring that their wood panels are easy to install, which makes them the panel of choice for project managers by saving time and labour. Murano panels are also a very cost-effective noise reduction solution compared to other products in the market.

Designed For High Impact Areas

Murano acoustic wood panels are highly durable, high performing panels making them ideal for high impact areas and thoroughfares such as the ATO, Brisbane and Constitutional Place, Canberra.  The sound absorbing wood panels which were installed at these sites were:

Brisbane ATO

  • Murano Microperforated Panels 0.5mm holes at 2mm centres  with a wood veneer Finish were installed at the Australian Taxation Office, Brisbane by Task Lake Joinery.

Constitutional Place, Canberra

  • Murano Microperforated Panels with a 0.5mm and 2mm holes in a wood veneer were installed at Constitutional Place, Canberra.

Both clients were looking for acoustic wood panels that had a timber look and feel, long lasting, easy to install and a trusted wood wall panel supplier. The Murano acoustic experts worked closely with each client to find a solutions which created not only a comfortable environment but created a unique design feature.  

Great Sound Absorption Alternative

Murano acoustic wood wall panels provide designers and architects with access to a wide selection of sound absorbing wood panels which can provide them with a cost effective solution to their tender or upcoming projects. Murano acoustic panels are available in designer patterns, bespoke designs and high-quality surface finishes which enables the creation of interior spaces that are not only beautiful, but functional.

Sustainable solution

Murano Acoustic Panels are engineered with high quality materials and FSC timber, making it long lasting acoustic noise control solution. The acoustic wood panels comply as a Group 1 material. Ref. Specification C1.10a of the Australian Building Code (BCA).

Murano sound absorbing wood panels have helped patrons at ATO, Brisbane and Constitutional Place, Canberra keep noise under control so people can hear with clarity. If you have a noise challenge or in the design stage of your upcoming project speak to the team at Sontext, who will find the right acoustic solution.

For more information on the range of Murano Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels click here.

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