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Dahtran Fitness Centre for Aramco


KFitness centres are bustling environments where noise can quickly become a significant issue. The primary noise sources in these facilities include loud music, the clanging of weights, and the constant hum of treadmills and other cardio machines. Group exercise classes often feature high-energy music and enthusiastic instructors, contributing to the overall noise levels.
Excessive noise can lead to several problems. First, it creates an uncomfortable environment for members, making it difficult for them to concentrate and enjoy their workouts. High noise levels can also lead to communication difficulties, making it hard for instructors to give clear instructions and for members to ask questions. Prolonged exposure to loud noise can pose health risks, including hearing damage and increased stress levels.


Analyzing Noise in a Fitness and Sports Centre
A thorough noise analysis is essential to address noise issues in a fitness and sports centre effectively. Involving several key steps:

1. Noise Level Measurement: Using sound level meters, measure the noise levels at different times of the day and in various areas such as weight rooms, cardio zones, and group exercise studios. Helping identify the noisiest spots and peak times. A qualified Acoustic Engineer can undertake this

2. Source Identification: Determine the primary noise sources, including loud music, equipment noise, and group classes. Understanding what causes the most disruption is crucial for targeted solutions.

3. Reverberation Time Assessment: Measure the reverberation time to see how long sound lingers in the space. High reverberation can make noise levels worse and more disruptive.

4. User Feedback: Collect feedback from members and staff about noise disturbances. Their insights can provide valuable information on how noise affects their experience.

By conducting a comprehensive noise analysis, fitness centres can implement effective acoustic solutions


After consulting with the contractor Ahmed Y Alyami Est, it was decided to look at acoustic panels that would be highly absorbent, durable, highly decorative, and colourful.

The choice was Decrasound Dimension 3D acoustic Panels, which are highly decorative and available in a number of colours to meet the client’s design brief. As most of the noise was of high frequency these 3D acoustic panels were the most applicable clioice.



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