Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

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Serenity Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Acoustic Ceiling Panels are an economical and flexible way to reduce noise and improve sound Quality in a room. When a room has plenty of hard surfaces on the floor walls and ceilings, the result is a lot of noise or sound that is not clear. This could be a restaurant or a classroom, and the result is that people can not hear each other or there is too much noise which  become annoying .

To solve this problem some form of acoustic treatment or Sound absorption needs to be added to the walls or Acoustic ceilings. In a lot of situations there may be a lot of glass or windows leaving no space on the walls. This is where Serenity Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Panels can be used. By choosing the correct thickness of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm or 100mm the noise can be reduced and the sound quality improved significantly. To see the difference in performance please download a PDF data sheet  Serenity Ceilings Product Datasheet (PDF)

The systems are designed to allow flexibility in interior design, while at the same time significantly improving the sound quality of internal spaces by controlling reverberation.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Serenity Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Panels are designed to provide a quiet, visually pleasing environment for interior spaces that may be otherwise difficult to utilise fully, simply because:

  1. Noise levels may be unacceptably high, or
  2. Reverberation causes speech, music, etc, to be hard to hear clearly or the sound is distorted.

There are two  different types of Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Panels Serenity and SerenityLite

Serenity Fabric Panels consist of  a Timber frame and include  the exclusive L32 impact resistant membrane. If there is a lot of activity for example in a classroom or gymnasium then you would select Serenity. The panels are installed using suspended Chain or furring channel see Serenity Data Sheet Serenity Ceiling Brochure (Download here).  

However if the solution is a 25mm thick panel that is required and it can be fixed directly to the Ceiling then SerenityLite Ceiling panels can be installed.  SerenityLite panels are nominally 25 and 50mm thick and in sizes of 1200mmx1200mm or 1200mmx600mm. For more information please download SerenityLite Installation Instructions.

Fabric Acoustic Ceiling Panels Finish

Serenity and SerenityLite Fabric acoustic Ceiling Panels must be covered in an acoustically transparent fabric or textile. Sontext use Fabrics from most of the worlds leading Fabric suppliers. If you have a fabric in mind please check with Sontext or its distributors

Typical applications for acoustic ceiling panels include boardrooms, open plan commercial offices, lecture theatres and hospitality function rooms.

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