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Sontext Accoustic Panel

Acoustic Fabric Panels

Serenity Fabric Panels are a highly decorative Acoustic panel. they can come in almost any colour or in a Printed Art Panel. Sontext Fabric Panels are available in thcknesses of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm or 100 depending on the requirements of the space

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Acoustic Wood Panel in Retail area

Acoustic Wood or Timber Panels

Murano Acoustic Wood Panels are an exciting part of the Sontext Range consisting of numerous patterns and finishes. Depending on the look and feel that you desire Sontext can offer Wood Veneer, Painted or a decorative laminate. Combined with the hole or slot patterns almost any application can be catered for with Murano Acoustic Wood Panels

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Acoustic Clouds

Acoustic Clouds and Baffles

Sonofonic Clouds or Acoustic Baffles are a perfect way for reducing reverberation or noise in large open spaces or areas with a ceiling void. As they  are available in a wide range of shapes and thicknesses, designers have an unlimited choice of creating the aesthetic look while reducing the Noise. Sonofonic Clouds or Baffles are suitable to  be installed in  Gymnasiums, exhibition centers, auditoriums or airports,

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Noise in schools is a real problem with open learning centers and classrooms with a lot of hard surfaces. Sontext have treated numerous classrooms or education theaters with Serenity Fabric acoustic Panels or Sonofonic Clouds. The treatment required will always need a customized approach, depending on the need or noise levels.

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Hospital or Medical Centers

Noise in Medical facilities can be a major problem from Treatment rooms to Reception areas. Privacy and patient care are important and that is why Noise needs to be kept to a minimum. Sontext products can be used  in many of these  areas. An example of this is Serenity Art Panels in Reception or Lobby areas, to create a calming environment as well as treat the noise.

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Commercial Construction

Sontext products are used in many areas of Commercial Buildings from Reception areas, Boardrooms, meeting rooms to Dining areas. All these  areas can have significant noise problems making the work environment challenging. By Incorporating Sontext Acoustic panels into the space not only does the  noise get refused but the look and feel of the space can be improved significantly.

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Sontext have worked with some of the largest projects in Qatar, Contact us for widest range and best pricing.

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