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Problems Loud Noise Can Cause in Offices

Loud noise in offices can significantly disrupt productivity and employee health and well-being. Noise from general office communication, which is bouncing around, can become loud and disruptive. Noise also impacts communication, forcing employees to raise their voices and creating an uncomfortable workplace. Over time, exposure to loud noise can cause stress, anxiety, and fatigue, negatively affecting mental health and job satisfaction.

Also, prolonged exposure to high noise levels can lead to hearing and overall health problems, increase absenteeism, and reduce workplace morale.

If there is noise in boardrooms or meeting rooms, this can cause problems with confidentiality and affect communication in teleconferencing.


Causes of Noise in Open Plan Offices and Meeting Rooms Open-plan offices and meeting rooms with many windows and hard floors are prone to excessive noise, which disrupts productivity and focus.

The main causes include:

1. Sound Reflection: Hard surfaces like concrete floors and glass windows reflect sound, causing echoes and amplifying noise levels.

2. Open Layout: The lack of partitions means conversations, phone calls, and office equipment noises travel freely, creating a constant background noise.

It is essential to address these noise issues for a productive work environment. Installing acoustic panels, using rugs or carpets, and incorporating noise-cancelling elements can significantly reduce noise levels. Creating quieter workspaces improves employee productivity, teamwork, and overall job satisfaction.


Sontext worked with INC Fitout Solutions and the installation contractor  Mohammed Abdullah Al-Abdul Aziz General Contracting Est to achieve a fantastic result. The design team was from Say Studio in Riyadh, who wanted to create a quiet but exciting work environment. The choices were custom-made to the design team and the client’s needs and the required look and feel for the workspace.

The choice was a range of acoustic walls and ceiling solutions from the Decrasound range, which is highly decorative and available in a number of colours to meet the client’s design brief.

These products included:


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