Anzac House – Committee for Melbourne

Anzac House – Committee for Melbourne


The Meeting Room and Boardroom were too noisy for teleconferencing.

Private conversations in the Boardroom could be heard in the next room.


Hard vinyl flooring and two glass walls were causing excessive reflected reverberant sound the space.  Sound was also being transmitted through an adjoining wall to the next office. Overall sound levels caused by reverberation would need to be reduced in both the Boardroom and the Meeting Room. The installation of sound absorbing Acoustic Panels would also assist with reducing sound transmission.


It was decided, in agreement with the occupants’ (Committee of Melbourne) representative to install Serenity Fabric acoustic Panels to the Boardroom walls adjoining the offices. We chose Serenity 25mm thick Acoustic Panels because optimum sound absorption would be achieved in the voice frequency range.

To assist with sound transmission, it was also decided to increase the panel backing board from 3mm thick MDF to 6mm. This would provide an additional barrier to the noise passing through the wall



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