Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Wall Panels in Fabric and Wood

Acoustic Wall Panels by Sontext

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are available in a wide range of finishes, from the Murano Range of wood or timber acoustic wood panels, to the Serenity range fabric finished panels. Installing an acoustic treatment onto walls in a room or space that has a noise or reverberation problem is usually more convenient than installing onto ceilings.

Acoustic Wall Panels

acoustic wall panels in fabric

Acoustic Wall Panels in Fabric

Fabric Acoustic Panels Alternatively if the requirement is for a fabric finish then the choice is almost unlimited. For sound absorption, the important issue is that the fabric chosen is breathable i.e. that air can pass through it comfortably. Sontext have also added a range of digitally printed Art or image panels available. To find out more about the choices in Acoustic wall panels or organise a sample please contact our sales department via email on or on the office number +61  (0)3 9432 2733 or 61 (0)2 9844 5414.

Bespoke Fabric Acoustic Wall Panels

Serenity Acoustic Wall Panels  come in standard sizes, however the  majority of projects involve Bespoke or made to order sizes. This is what sets Sontext apart as we are one of the  only companies that will make custom sizes.

Fabrics for Acoustic Wall Panels

Serenity Acoustic Panels are available in a wide range of international fabric ranges. The main criteria  is that the fSimple Installationabric is acoustically transparent or the sound can pass through it. Sontext will test or approve the fabric  for use on acoustic panels.

Easy Installation

Serenity Acoustic Wall Panels by Sontext come with a simple to install fixing system as seen in the drawing .

Impact Resistant Membrane

Serenity Acoustic Panels  come with an impact resistant membrane called L32. This is specifically designed by Sontext to give a smooth facing to the panel but also to give the Acoustic Wall panel high impact resistance. This means it can be used in Gymnasiums or areas of excess use like a basketball stadium.

For further information

To get a copy of data sheet or pricing for your particular project please fillin the contact form or email us at sales or call you local distributor or Sontext office on +61 428 100300.