Serenity Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Wall Panels in Fabric and Wood

Serenity Acoustic Fabric Wall Panels

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Installing an acoustic treatment onto walls in a room or space that has a noise or reverberation problems is the most common and convenient solution.

Made to order

acoustic wall panels in fabric

Acoustic Wall Panels in Fabric

Serenity Acoustic Wall Panels are available in standard sizes; however most projects require made to order sizes. At Sontext we work with our clients to design panels of different thicknesses and dimensions.

Our customers are also able to choose from an extensive range of fabrics. When selecting fabrics its important to select a fabric that is breathable i.e. that air can pass through it comfortably.Sontext sources their fabrics from Australia’s leading textile manufacturers and suppliers.

Sontext have also added a range of digitally printed Art or image panels available. To find out more about the choices in Acoustic wall panels or organise a sample simply contact us.

Easy Installation

Serenity Fabric Wall Panels utilise a metal “split batten” fixing system. One half of the system is factory applied to the back of the panel. The wall bracket section is supplied with the panels and can be simply fixed to most wall surfaces with either screws or toggle bolts. Using this method installation time and costs can be reduced by 50% when compared to traditional methods.

Highly durable and robust panels

Serenity Acoustic Wall Panels are manufactured with an L32 impact resistant membrane. Simple InstallationThis is specifically designed by Sontext to give a smooth facing to the panel but also make the acoustic wall panel high impact resistant. The L32 membrane and MDF backing making the fabric wall panels highly durable and suitable for high traffic areas such as gyms, basketball courts and classrooms.