Studio Acoustics

Studios requiring particular attention to sound quality may be defined by their type of use. For example, recording studios, broadcast studios, or teaching studios. These studios can vary in scale from a home or podcast studio to a large television broadcast studio.

Reducing Noise In Studio's

Each type may have specific acoustic requirements to achieve the optimum balance of sound absorption and reflectivity. There are numerous reasons for this, depending upon such variables as the main purpose of the space, the size of the interior or the wall and ceiling lining materials.

Achieving the appropriate balance across the frequency range is usually critical for high quality sound reproduction. If a studio has hard reflective surfaces sound waves will become distorted and produce reverberation or echo effect. Conversely, too much absorption may result in a ‘dead’ sound result.

Serenity Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels

Solution to Reduce Noise In Studio's

The sound treatment for studios usually requires attention to three sound frequency issues:

Serenity Acoustic Panels

Serenity Acoustic Panels are recommended for high traffic areas. They are manufactured with a timber frame and MDF backing and include an impact resistant membrane under the fabric facing.

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Bass Frequency Control

Base Traps, consisting of at least 100mm thick sound absorbing material like medium density glasswool.

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Mid to High Frequencies Control

Diffuser panels, usually specifically designed for the project, dependant on the particular space and frequency in need of treatment.

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Results Of Soundproofing Studio's

Sontext manufacture a full range of acoustic panels to fit out and optimise the sound quality of all types of TV, radio, recording and performance studio.

  • Acoustic Panels to improve sound performance