School Halls

School Halls Acoustics

School or Council-run halls are usually constructed as a large volume “box” with hard interior surface like timber, plaster or in some cases no lining at all. These interior spaces can be used for a multitude of varying functions, most of which will involve gatherings of groups of people for activities like presentations, exercise, sport or entertainment.

Reducing Noise In School Halls

The prime reason to install acoustic treatment is to minimise reflected sound waves, usually at or near voice frequencies.  Excessive background noise can make speech or music hard to hear or understand clearly.  

To overcome this problem Sontext can supply Serenity Fabric Panels or Murano Perforated Acoustic Panels. These panels can be installed to the walls or ceilings of new or existing buildings. Colours, dimensions or finishes can be customised.

Solution to Reduce Noise In School Halls

SerenityLite Panels

SerenityLite Panels are commonly to reduce reverberation, or “echo” in halls. They are lightweight, dimensions are customisable and are available in a huge range of fabric finishes.

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Serenity Panels

Serenity Panels are a more robust solution to reduce noise levels for school halls. They are constructed with a timber frame, MDF backing, and an impact resistant membrane. They can be custom-made to fit around obstacles like vents, windows, and lighting.

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Murano Acoustic Panels

Murano Perforated Timber Panels provide a high quality veneered laminated or painted wall or ceiling lining, creating a stylish interior, while also resolving the problem of reverberation.

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Results Of Soundproofing Lecture Theatre's

Sontext  Acoustic Panels have been used successfully for reducing reflected sound in large spaces such as school halls. The panels are lightweight, can be faced with acoustic fabrics available in a huge range of colours and patterns, and can be easily installed onto walls or ceiling within the interior space.