Multipurpose Venues

Multipurpose Room Acoustics

In the education sector around the world, and where budgets allow, traditional “school halls” are fast being transformed with sophisticated lighting, sound systems, into multi-purpose event centres.

These spaces may be used for a wide variety of functions, including presentations, the performing arts, meetings and even indoor sporting events. The experience of both the performers and the audience attending events can be strongly influenced by the amount and quality of sound they experience around them.

Reducing Noise In Multipurpose Venues

These venues are typically large volume spaces, with high ceilings and masonry walls. Speech, music or other sound can be reflected these surfaces causing distortion or echo.

For building occupants, the result can be discomfort due to poor sound clarity or increased background noise, caused by sound reflecting off the walls and ceilings creating reverberation in the room.

For new construction the best time to consider interior acoustics is during the design stage. For existing buildings, a simple solution to minimise any unwanted sound reflections is to install sound absorbing panels.


Solution to Reduce Noise In Multipurpose Venues

SerenityLite Panels

The various activities carried out in these venues requires a sound absorption performance across a wide frequency spectrum. For example, sound absorbing panels may be required to deal with the reverberation produced at in indoor sports meeting, or the sound clarity required during a musical performance. Sontext manufacture SerenityLite Panels in thicknesses from 25mm to 200mm to accommodate these extremes.

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Serenity Panels

The construction of Serenity Panels includes and MDF backing and impact-resistant membrane under the fabric facing. They are therefore recommended for applications where they may be subject to handling or impact, for example, during indoor sports events like basketball.

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Murano Acoustic Panels

Murano Acoustic Panels are manufactured from natural timber and MDF by Sontext and include a perforated face to allow sound waves to pass through and be absorbed. These panels can be installed onto the ceilings or walls with acoustic insulation installed behind them to achieve excellent sound absorption performance.

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Results Of Soundproofing Multipurpose Venues

Sontext Acoustic Panels are ideal for this purpose in either case. Sontext experts can help in choosing panel types, sizes, shapes, finishes and acoustic performance appropriate for any interior space.