Cafeteria Acoustics

School cafeterias are notoriously noisy places, due to a combination of animated conversation, movement of chairs and furniture, clatter of cutlery, etc. High levels of background noise of this type can lead to the “café effect” where voices are raised higher and higher to be heard over the noise.

Reducing Noise In Cafeteria

The result for occupants can be increasingly stressful. As would be expected, most of this background noise is in the upper frequency range – at or above voice frequencies. Fortunately, sound waves at these frequencies are readily absorbed by acoustic panels such as Serenity Acoustic Panels, from Sontext.

 These panels have been tested in approved acoustic laboratories and found to absorb up to 95 per cent of sound waves that reach the panel surfaces. They can be easily installed on walls or ceilings of new or existing buildings, and when faced with acoustic fabric in appropriate colours or patterns, can add an exciting new dimension to any interior decor


Solution to Reduce Noise In Cafeteria

SerenityLite Panels

SerenityLite Panels were provided to the Cafeteria to be installed along the ceilings within the room to help with the noise disruption affecting customers to enjoy their food. It was suggested to place the SerenityLite panels along the reflective surfaces where the echoes were produced within the room, to effectively absorb the voice range frequencies from reverberating off the surfaces. 

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Serenity Panels

Serenity Acoustic Panels provide an excellent solution for food courts and cafeterias due to the combination of excellent sound absorption at the higher frequencies expected in these spaces, and the availability of durable, cleanable fabric finishes in colours and patterns that will add a dynamic quality to any interior décor.

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Murano Acoustic Panels

Perforated Wood Panels add a quality look to walls or ceilings in large interior spaces, while also providing efficient sound absorption - especially when finished in the natural veneers, laminates, or painted finishes available with the Sontext Murano range.  

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Results Of Soundproofing Cafeteria

Sontext can help in choosing facing, panel dimensions and area required, and are able to custom manufacture to project requirements.

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